Witch, Megan Fox Threatens To Hex Robby Starbuck

Actress Megan Fox recently made some controversial statements and engaged in a social media exchange with a conservative influencer. The exchange began when the influencer criticized Fox for raising her sons as transgender. Former Hollywood producer Robby Starbuck shared his observation of two of Fox’s sons having distressing experiences while being dressed in girls’ clothing, claiming it was a form of child abuse. Fox responded strongly, accusing Starbuck of exploiting her children for political gain.

In her response, Fox used strong language and made references to witchcraft. She posted an image of a naked woman feeding on a deer carcass, jokingly implying she would do something similar in front of Starbuck’s house. Starbuck responded by suggesting that Fox’s behavior made her appear irrational and mentioning her alleged involvement in witchcraft.

Starbuck went on to express his belief that Fox has influenced her children to identify as transgender. He mentioned her statement that one of her sons knew he was transgender while in the womb. An account called Urban Scoop joined the discussion on Twitter, presenting statistical data to argue that the probability of having three transgender children independently was extremely low.

“In 2021, about 42,000 children and teens across the United States received a diagnosis of gender dysphoria (source Reuters),” Scoop began. “The resident male population of the USA that were 9 and under in 2021 was 10.38 million (source Statista). So 42,000 divided by 10,380,000 = 0.40462 Which statistically means there’s a 0.40462% chance of having a single ‘trans’ boy (a biological male) in your family.” “Has Megan managed to produce THREE trans kids, somehow defying the statistical odds AGAINST that happening? Does anyone else find that strange or a bit of a coincidence?” Scoop asked.

It’s worth noting that Megan Fox has openly discussed her interest in the occult in the past. In a previous interview, she mentioned participating in blood-drinking rituals with her then-fiancé, rapper Machine Gun Kelly. However, she claimed that it involved consuming only a few drops of blood for ritual purposes.

The exchange between Megan Fox and Robby Starbuck has generated significant attention due to the strong language used and the controversial topics discussed.