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Who is Counter Globalist Operations?

We are an organization dedicated to the spreading of truthful information that is being suppressed by the Globalists and Big Tech oligarchs who run the world. We pride ourselves on only sharing facts.

Contrary to the Globalists’ narrative, we do not believe that the Globalist Elites are a group of Jews who clandestinely run the world. Some Globalists are Jews (such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers) others are Chinese (Xi Xinping) or British (The Windsor Family). To be frank, it doesn’t matter what race or bloodline someone belongs to; anyone has the ability to choose good or evil.

This operation was started as a way to debunk the left so we are good at it.

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Our Mission Statement

Counter Globalist Operations will wage a multifront tactic against globalism. Plans range from economic, informational, psychological and political warfare. We plan to use an inversion of the Globalists’ own tactics to destroy the establishment.

Within the next 2 years, we will begin building a new infrastructure for worldwide communications.

Important Services We Plan to Provide

  • New Internet Infrastructure
  • New Smart Phone Company
  • New Social Media Format
  • New Email Services

New Levels Of Government Transparency

We are working on a new system to make public and FOIA requested information about government action available to EVERYONE in an online format.

Once this system is built, we should be able to qualify for Grants and plan to form a separate, non-profit organization that will specialize in government transparency.

Gathering Dirt

Without the Globalists’ financial contributors they would have no power. It is illegal for people to donate above certain thresholds in America. That creates a REQUIREMENT that MIDDLE and LOWER CLASS citizens must donate to a politician for them to accumulate any noteworthy figures of money.

So we go after the MIDDLE MEN.

We will be hiring an army of investigators to gather dirt on every major contributor to the Democrat party. These people range from business owners to burger flippers at your local Mc. Donald’s.

The plan is not to blackmail them (like the deep state establishment would do). We will destroy them. They will lose their jobs, their friends, their families, their homes and the ability to donate even a penny.

We can end Globalism together

With your help we can beat the globalists who would enslave humanity. Do you have any suggestions about how to fight? Feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP.


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