Trump Says Ukraine Investigation Was About ‘Corruption’, Not Joe Biden – Transcript Proves It

The Left’s pathetic attempt to cover for Biden, and his deep state buddies like MITT ROMNEY, is blowing up in their faces.

Nancy Pelosi and friends claim President Trump launched an investigation into corruption in Ukraine just to hurt Joe Biden and the Left in the November election. However, the Ukraine investigation is uncovering corruption from BOTH PARTIES (surprise) and if you read the transcripts of the call between Ukraine’s President and POTUS Trump you will see that Trump NEVER even MENTIONED Biden.

Democrats are in panic mode because they know that there is absolutely no chance they will win the 2020 election fairly. They’re even dusting off the old Hillary bot to bring her back out in the spotlight. Nobody wants Biden for president.

From Fox News:

President Trump cranked up his attacks on Joe Biden Friday as he sought to fight political fire with political fire amid Democrats’ impeachment investigation, accusing the former vice president of “pillaging” foreign countries while insisting his controversial push for foreign governments to look into Biden dealings is about corruption and not politics.

He added: “We’re investigating corruption. We’re not investigating campaigns.”

It’s pretty ironic that the establishment is trying to bring criminal charges against Trump for investigating crimes committed by the establishment. They are pretending that it was an attack against the Left to help President Trump win the election. But all Trump has to do is point out that the corruption was from BOTH SIDES of the political spectrum. All he has to do is call out the deep state again.