The 4 BIGGEST FACTS That Will Finish Trump’s Impeachment

In all the constant discussion of the Trump Impeachment hearings people can start to lose sight of what’s important. Many allegations have been brought against the President in recent months. But at the end of the day the impeachment is about one thing: “quid pro quo” alleged to have occurred between presidents Trump and Zelensky.

The Facts about Impeachment:

  1. We have an official transcript of the conversation between Zelensky and Donald Trump but there’s no evidence of any strong-arm tactics being used by the President of the United States.
  2. There have been statements from both presidents that there was no “quid pro quo”.
  3. Evidence shows that Ukraine had no idea of any financial withholding prior to the conversation between POTUS Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.
  4. President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky never did anything to appease Trump’s request. No release about Biden, no official statements about the investigation and most importantly: nothing to hurt the Democratic Party’s presidential run in 2020.

A Criminal Investigation

Trump’s conversation with Zelensky was actually about a criminal investigation, not hurting the DNC.

Interestingly, the investigation uncovered dirt on both sides of the political spectrum; ranging from Biden and son to Mitt Romney.

Now AG Barr has launched an official criminal investigation into the entire situation. Who is going to end up in prison? Probably nobody.



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