Forensic Pathologist Investigating Epstein’s Murder Goes on TV – Says It Was Likely Homicide

Medical examiner & Forensic Pathologist who watched over Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy did NOT rule his death a suicide!

Epstein’s next of kin asked Dr. Michael Baden to oversee the autopsy out of concerns that there may be a coverup or some sort of foul play.

In fact, the Epstein family has opened an investigation into why his death was ruled a suicide when the evidence was “more consistent with homicidal strangulation” being the actual cause of death.

Watch this interview on Fox News where Former New York medical examiner and Current Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, explains that nobody knows why Epstein’s death was officially ruled suicide.

According to Dr. Michael Baden, the examiner who performed the autopsy originally declared that Epstein’s cause of death was “uncertain”.

Fingernail clippings were taken to check for DNA that could have ended up there during a struggle. The sheets used to hang Jeffrey Epstein were also taken for DNA testing. For some reason the findings have not been released by officials.

The circumstances that make this suspicious?

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