Megan Fox Loses It: Threatens To Curse Robby Starbuck

Actress Megan Fox recently engaged in a controversial exchange with a conservative influencer. The disagreement stemmed from criticism directed at Fox for raising her sons with transgender identities. The influencer, Robby Starbuck, claimed that Fox’s children were being subjected to undue influence by “woke” parents advocating LGBTQ ideologies. He shared a personal account of witnessing two of Fox’s sons experiencing distress while being encouraged by their mother to wear girls’ clothing.

In response to Starbuck’s comments, Fox expressed her frustration, accusing him of exploiting her children’s gender identities for political gain. She warned him of the consequences, proclaiming, “You messed with the wrong witch.” She further intensified the situation by sharing an image of a wildlife camera capturing a naked woman consuming a deer carcass, jokingly suggesting she would engage in a bizarre ritual in front of Starbuck’s home.

Starbuck responded to Fox’s actions, calling her behavior crazy and highlighting her involvement in witchcraft. He continued to explain his belief that Fox had indoctrinated her children into what he referred to as a “trans cult,” citing her claim that one of her sons knew he was transgender while still in the womb.

Supporting Starbuck’s perspective, a journalist account on Twitter presented statistical data indicating the improbability of all three of Fox’s children independently identifying as transgender. The data revealed that in 2021, approximately 42,000 children and teens in the United States received a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, while the male population under the age of nine was around 10.38 million. This resulted in a statistical chance of only 0.40462% for a single transgender boy in a family.

It is worth noting that Fox has previously discussed her affinity for occult practices. In the past, she openly spoke about participating in blood-drinking rituals with her former fiancé, rapper Machine Gun Kelly, clarifying that it involved consuming only a few drops of blood for ritualistic purposes.

The situation between Megan Fox and Robby Starbuck has generated significant attention due to the clash of opinions on parenting, gender identity, and the use of children for political purposes.