People Roast Trump Quotes, Find Out OBAMA Said It

To the Left, everything that comes out of President Trump’s mouth is instantly bigoted and racist?

The following video shows how people tend to find things when they look for them hard enough.

These brainwashed people think that everything Trump says has to be bigoted and racist. Isn’t it ironic that Obama literally said the same things as Trump and nobody thought twice about it?

Political bias at its finest. The Chinese propaganda is working and the Democrats are acting like the Triads.

Watch these people roast Trump then go into shock when they find out that Obama actually said it! Make sure to leave a comment below.

From Daily Caller:

People said what they thought of quotes President Donald Trump said regarding immigration, except it was actually former President Barack Obama who said them.

“That is our direct message to families in central America: Do not send your children to the border. If they do make it, they’ll get sent back, more importantly, they might not make it,” Obama said in 2014.

Source: People Roast Trump And Then Find Out It Was Obama | The Daily Caller



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