The Globalists’ COVID-19 Agenda EXPOSED – Why They Released It

Why would anyone release a bio-weapon into the world that could potentially kill millions of people? Maybe it was never that deadly. In fact, the data shows that we’ve been lied to throughout this entire ‘pandemic’. Was it all just part of the COVID-19 agenda?

What if COVID-19 is just a tool? Right now the globalist establishment is pushing hard to get everything they have been trying to get for the past 3 years. They’ve gotten President Trump to backpedal and will not fail to benefit from it.

We don’t need to speculate, we can refer to their own words to see their agenda.

David Zurowik, a guest on CNN, said that Trump supporters “stuck it to the elites for 3 years,” “now your loved ones can die, game over.” The so called ‘elites’ will kill you and your loved ones without thinking twice.

Trump wants to save the economy and reopen America.

Evidence shows that there’s no need for panic anymore. The coronavirus “peak” has passed. But New York is still adding deaths to the COVID-19 totals… Deaths of people who NEVER TESTED POSITIVE for the virus. 4,000 deaths to be specific.

But New York isn’t alone! The Center for Disease Control gave out guidelines telling physicians to put the novel coronavirus down as the cause of death WITHOUT TESTING. You read that right. If the doctors just suspected that the patient had 2019-nCoV no tests were necessary before marking their death as COVID related.

Every Democrat in America is doing everything they can to make the stripping of freedom their full time gig. From hiding ventilators and blaming Trump, to banning the drug that cures the coronavirus (hydroxychloroquine) and spreading misinformation about that drug by citing studies about other drugs (chloroquine)… They’re willing to do just about anything to Americans.

Why wouldn’t they want us to have the COVID-19 cure?

Vaccinations are big business and the main people behind the coronavirus panic are financial contributors of the companies responsible for making the 2019-nCOV vaccines.

Bill Gates is just one example that can easily be traced to the vaccination program. Dr. Anthony Fauci is in on it as well. Gates and Fauci have even been working together, pushing for vaccination mandates, for over a decade.

In the past couple of weeks this nation has really come together… Most of us have shown solidarity and consideration for our fellow Americans… Many have thrown aside politics and united against the true threat on our lives…. Everyone except for democrat politicians.

For example: Cuomo thought that it was clever to hide ventilators in storage and blame it on Trump when there weren’t enough to meet the need of medical professionals. He also outlawed the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating covid-19.

On top of Cuomo’s selfish acts several other Democrats are working around the clock to ensure as many elderly deaths as possible.

In Nevada the governor also banned the use of hydroxychloroquine and other anti-malarials as treatments for covid-19. The governor of Michigan quickly followed their lead and did the same.

These crazy power hungry politicians hate Trump so much that they will literally stop life-saving treatment just because Trump is promoting it.

Nancy pelosi and the rest of the democratic-led house stalled the stimulus bill for over 10 days when Americans were in desperate need of help.

It really can’t be more obvious that they want you to die. They are literally trying to murder your family members.