Obama Admin Likely Worked With Soros Foundation To Overthrow Ukrainian President in 2014


While it isn’t provable in court, we can see that there is enough evidence to make the case that this explanation is: LIKELY

  • The Obama Administration and an organization founded by George Soros were instrumental in the neo-Nazi revolution in Ukraine that took place in 2014.
  • The Obama Administration acted through then Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, to perpetuate a violent Coupe.
  • Whether independently or in collaboration with the Obama Admin, George Soros admitted to funding “dissident uprisings” in the form of funding a foundation in Ukraine to help encourage the Ukrainian “freedom”.


Nine years ago, a Molotov-cocktail-throwing mob of Neo-Nazis took to the streets of Kiev, occupied government buildings, perpetrated violence and drove the duly elected president of the nation out of office and out of the country. The leading groups in the mob were waving portraits of Stepan Bandera, Adolf Hitler’s collaborator in Ukraine during World War II.

In 2014, the Obama Administration worked with the EU and George Soros funded “Foundations” to actively support a violent coup in Ukraine. They saw this as an opportunity to justify a NATO military mobilization against Russia. In fact, it was revealed that the United States had financed and orchestrated the organizations involved in the protests in Kiev’s public square, known as the Maidan.

A key figure in this endeavor was Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Nuland even visited the protesters multiple times, offering them cookies. However, she failed to acknowledge that among the peaceful demonstrators expressing concerns about corruption and economic hardships, there were also openly neo-fascist groups engaging in armed rebellion against the elected government.

Furthermore, a leaked phone conversation revealed Nuland instructing the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine on who should become the new Prime Minister after the president was overthrown.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of the coup in Ukraine has brought great suffering to its people. The promised prosperity was seized by corrupt politicians and criminals, who took control of the state machinery.

The youth group of the Social-National Party of Ukraine, on the march with their swastika banner in Lviv in 1999. The swastika was dropped in 2003 and the party was renamed Svoboda in 2004.

George Soros Brags About Funding Violent Coup In Ukraine

“”CNN – One of the things that many people recognize about you is that you, during the revolutions of 1989, funded a lot of dissident activities and civil society groups in eastern europe and Poland, the Chzek republic. Are you doing similar things in Ukraine?

Soros – Well, I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia. And the Foundation has been functioning ever since. And its been an important part of events now.””

WATCH HERE: https://rumble.com/v2ayrl6-february-25-2023.html

Ukrainian Left’s Presidential Candidate Outs Obama Administration

Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, then the left’s presidential candidate for the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, stated in a letter to President Trump after his election:

Our people are suffering badly from war, extreme poverty, corruption, political repressions, and the rampaging of neo-Nazis. The outgoing U.S. Administration kept stirring up the people of Ukraine against Russia, thereby inciting a war between our fraternal peoples, one that unquestionably threatens to trigger a Third World War. (2017)

Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh, July 17, 2013

During the annual summer paramilitary training camp for his cadre, Yarosh video-recorded a speech that circulated widely online. It contained three summary points:

  1. There is an “internal occupation” regime in Ukraine;
  2. No liberation of the Ukrainian people and no Ukrainian statehood is possible without a national revolution; and
  3. Russia is the age-old enemy of Ukraine and “as long as the Russian Empire exists in any form, true, real national independence of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people is impossible.”

Yarosh made a “prediction”:

“The times are coming, when we will not only be talking and conducting various propaganda actions about the national revolution, but the times are coming that will forge history and fix the footprint of our people in the existence of the Ukrainian nation. We must show not only in words, but with our deeds, that the Bandera cause is not yesterday, but it is the present and the future. . . . The times are approaching that we may have been only dreaming about for these 20 years. Because we can win, we want to win, and we shall win.”

When It Got Bloody

  • On Dec. 1, Lutsenko told the rally, “Our plan is clear: This is no longer a rally or a protest action. This is a revolution.”
  • On Dec. 10, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Catherine Ashton of the EU were in Kiev. Nuland went to the Maidan, distributing food to the protestors. This was one of three trips to Kiev that Nuland made over November and December, supporting the protesters.
  • On Jan. 1, the second violent escalation took place. Three days after measures were put through the Parliament outlawing many Maidan violent practices, Right Sector squads attacked the Berkut forces around the government quarter itself. This action on Hrushevsky Street then began several days of violence, bringing the first deaths.
  • On Jan. 15, Victoria Nuland praised the Maidan uprising.
  • From Jan. 22 onward, shocking images came forth of policemen set on fire by napalm-like Molotov cocktails. Later, images of government workers who were burnt to death in the Capital surfaced. Even one instance of an audio recording surfaced… a pregnant secretary pleading with Ukrainian “revolutionaries” not to kill her. The U.S. National Security Council (NSC), however, downplayed the violence as expressing “the legitimate grievances of the people.”



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