Baphomet Statue Put on Capitol Hill by Satanic Temple

August 16, 2018 – The Satanic Temple put a statue of the Devil in front of Capitol Hill in Arkansas. Placement of the Baphomet statue was allowed because of a court ruling.

According to the lawsuit filed the government is supposed to treat all religions equally. There was a bust of the 10 Commandments put on Capitol Hill grounds and the Temple of Satan responded by suing to have a Baphomet statue placed on the same government property.

Baphomet statue sits on Capitol Hill in Arkansas

If the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince you he didn’t exist, the greatest trick the Satanic Temple has pulled is … well, let’s go to the tape.

This just shows the state of corruption that the world is in. The fact that the media is championing the Temple of Satan says everything about who they worship.

While the Ten Commandments were put on site as a reference to goodness and justice, the Baphomet statue was put there purely in opposition. Satanists love inversion. But it’s all in the name of equality right? If good religions exist then bad religions must also be allowed to exist?

I’m all for equality but not all religions are equal. Some religions literally burn babies on alters to darkness. Just look at what killed the Mayans and you’ll see where America is headed.

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