“The Finders” – FBI Declassifies Docs On Occult Pedo Group With D.C. Ties

FBI Declassifies Docs On Occult Pedo Group With D.C. Ties - "The Finders"

The FBI has recently declassified and released a collection of files regarding “The Finders,” an accused covert kid kidnapping organization linked to the U.S. intelligence community.

The FBI started examining the organization after prior congressman Charlie Rose communicated several tips declaring there were children being kidnapped and molested by the organization, based on the declassified 324-page paper from 1993.

That relevant information led detectives to Tallahassee, Florida, then afterwards Washington D.C., where the organization was apparently located.

The Finders FBI Report can be downloaded here

In the course of the search of a house and a facility owned and operated by “The Finders” in 1987, a United States Customs Service (UCSC) agent asserts: “to have observed a substantial amount of computer equipment and documents purportedly containing instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes.”

From NewsWars:

“The instructions allegedly included the impregnation of female members of the community, purchasing children, trading children, and kidnaping (sic) them.”

After several paragraphs of redacted information, the FBI disclosed that someone “has alleged that the Finders are involved in a well-organized child abuse scheme, and that [redacted] in conjunction with the State Department, and the FBI’s foreign counterintelligence section, conspired to cover up those abuses.”

“The source reported children were used in rituals by the groups, but reported source never observed any actual child abuse,” the declassified files stated.

Following investigations utilizing testament acquired via witnesses and kids pointed examiners to a Virginia ranch where they discovered “evidence of satanic/cult rituals” and even cages that “witnesses revealed were used to keep children during their visits to the farm.”

Search warrants were then served at a storage facility. They found “classified maps of underground tunnel/sewer” systems in Washington D.C.

The kids “also talked about other children in Washington D.C., and stated that they were under the control of the ‘game caller,’ [redacted],” the document states.

Strangely enough, an FBI Washington field office memorandum said “all evidence obtained” at the 2 “Finders” buildings generated “no evidence of child sexual exploitation, kidnapping, or any related crimes.”

A previous associate of “The Finders” informed sleuths in an interview that they had actually “done work involving security protection for the FBI, NSA, and other government agencies,” plus the papers also expose that the CIA was privately connected to the examination.

Surprisingly, somebody spoke to the Washington Police asking for the data concerning The Finders to be classified to the “Secret” degree and also suggested the FBI Washington Field office no longer get up to date information of the examination.

Check out the FBI files on The Finders completely here: