FALSE – President Trump Caused Insurrection On January 6th, 2020

Quick Breakdown:

There is enough evidence to make the case that this is: FALSE

Talking Points vs The Truth

  • January 6th was an Insurrection!
    • President Trump and his supporters were in Washington DC to call for a recount not to overthrow the government.
  • Four police officers died on that day.
    • No on-duty police in the capitol died on January 6, 2020.
  • The Capitol Building was stormed by rioters.
    • Police officers removed the barricades and waved protestors into the Capitol Building.


A lot of people claim that there was an insurrection on January 6th, 2020. That claim is misinformation caused by law enforcement’s suppression of surveillance footage from the Capitol on that day.


January 6th Wasn’t An Insurrection

On January 6th of 2020 there was a massive protest organized by President Donald J. Trump and his supporters in an effort to combat what they perceived to be voter fraud. The plan was for Vice President Mike Pence to contest the Electors and demand a recount. At this point, several states had open investigations into voter fraud and it turns out that the outcome of those cases would have affected the end result of the election drastically because hundreds of thousands of instances of voter fraud have been proven since then.

Demanding a recount is not overthrowing a government. This is such an illogical prospect that one must only perform a thought experiment to see the outcome. If you believe there was no fraud and the election was fair then you would just expect the worst case scenario to be a delay of a few days while ballots are recounted. The outcome would have been the same in that scenario. No governments overthrown.

No Police Officers Died On Duty January 6th, 2020

No police officers died on duty the day of January 6th, 2020. The officers whose deaths are blamed on January 6th actually died on later dates. One died from a heart attack and the other 3 died by suicide.

The officer who died from a heart attack, Brian Sicknick, is the one they claimed was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher. He can be seen on capitol footage wearing a helmet, making it unlikely that he was seriously hurt by getting hit in the head.

Here is what is known of events as seen in footage provided by Capitol police.

  • Clip One – Sicknick is seen waving his arms around as rioters enter the Capitol, and he appears to be healthy, which makes it “hard to imagine” that he died as a result of injuries sustained during the riot (Source: Tucker Carlson’s broadcast).
  • Clip Two -Sicknick is shown telling protesters to move out of the building, bending down to move a placard behind a statue, and wearing a helmet. This footage is used to argue that it’s “hard to imagine” he was killed by a head injury (Source: Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s broadcast).
  • Clip Three – Sicknick is seen being sprayed with an unknown substance, wearing a blue jacket and bike helmet, and later doubled over with his hands on his knees before dumping water into his eyes (Source: New videos show attack on police officer Brian Sicknick).

It is essential to note that the exact timing and context of these footages are unclear, and the videos do not provide a clear indication of when they were taken or what events led to Sicknick’s death. However, the cause of death listed in his autopsy was not a head injury.

In fact, the medical examiner found that Brian Sicknick died of natural causes. The DC Police put out a statement stating that they accept the medical examiner’s findings but then the next sentence refutes the medical examiner’s findings by claiming he died in the line of duty from an attack on January 6, 2020. Where do the lies stop? How can someone die of natural causes from an attack?

Police Waved Protestors Into Capitol Building

DC Metro Police removed the barricades that prevented entry and waved protestors into the Capitol building. Police then escorted some of them around (see Jacob Chancely) and in some clips officers were seen pulling people into the door who did not want to come inside.

Watch the clips below and you’ll see the moment that “they just breached the capital, I guess” was the moment that the police opened the barricades and stepped aside.

At the 17 second mark you can see an officer waving protestors into the Capitol Building. Was it an order from the top?