Governors Cuomo, Sisolak & Whitmer Killed THOUSANDS of People by Banning Hydroxychloroquine

Just two weeks ago Governor Andrew Cuomo (NY-D) banned the use of an anti-malarial in his state, ensuring a high death toll in order to discredit Trump’s support of the drug. After major backlash from the public over banning Hydroxychloroquine, Cuomo eventually reversed his decision. But not until it cost lives.

Politifact has “debunked” this claiming that you can get hydroxychloroquine now in New York, Nevada and Michigan… They gloss over the fact that 2 weeks ago it was illegal for New York doctors to prescribe chloroquine as a treatment for the novel coronavirus. They also ignored the fact that 11 days ago it was illegal in Michigan to prescribe hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment.

Most interesting is that Nevada’s governor Sisolak got caught stockpiling chloroquine after he banned its sale in his state. Ironically, Steve Sisolak was banning Hydroxychloroquine under the guise that it was to prevent hoarders from stockpiling it.

Democrats Cuomo, Sisolak & Whitmer have murdered thousands for votes

So now you judge for yourself. The evidence speaks loudly of the corruption within the Democrat party.

Just 2 weeks ago these governors put American lives at risk by banning a life saving treatment! Within days of reversing their murderous regulation, they had Politifact and their legion of fake news “fact check” sites write articles to take the top results on Google if you search for this story.

However, fake news can’t change the past. These assholes banned hydroxychloroquine and it cost lives. Is it obvious yet that the globalists want panic and fear to paralyze our nation?

Something tells me they banned the drugs in an effort to skew the death rate and cause more hysteria. They have done a great job getting everyone to beg for their freedom to be stripped away. Now Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci have almost achieved their decade long goal of global vaccination mandates.

Our economies are in shambles, people are dying, businesses are shutting down… And meanwhile we have a cure for the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

That’s what they don’t want you to know about.



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