HYDROXYchloroquine Curing COVID-19, Headlines Claim its Lethal But Their Studies Are About A Different Drug

Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc are being used to cure COVID-19 but the media isn’t talking about that. Media outlets are too busy bashing President Trump and claiming there’s no cure.

Statistically, most people only read headlines. A very small number of people even bother to read the first paragraph in an article. An even smaller circle of people read the entirety of one.

That’s why the media gets away with lying to the public. They can put whatever they want inside an article… As long as it has the right headline it will be shared as if its gospel and their readers are evangelicals.

The news going around from the New York Times claiming that Chloroquine is deadly when combined with azithromycin is really irrelevant. They just want to continue pushing for forced vaccinations. They just want to continue pushing fear into your brain. They just want the economy to fall to pieces so they can gather them and play hero.

The thousands of doctors claiming they’ve found a cure to COVID-19 are not using Chloroquine and Azithromycin; they are using Zinc and HYDROXYchlorquine (a very different combination). That’s the fact that the New York Times and CNN don’t want you to know.

So why waste so much time talking about a drug combination that nobody is championing? The similarity in name makes it easy to confuse stupid people. NYT’s message is clear: “orange man no find cure, we need vaccines to leave houses! be scared and forget about how good the economy was doing a month ago…” What kind of moron falls for it? The kind that reads New York Times.

Ironically if you open their articles claiming that the “drug being championed by Trump is deadly” you’ll find an entire article about a different combination of drugs. Because if you knew the truth you wouldn’t be hiding in your living rooms reading this article. You’d be calm and ready to take on COVID-19.



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