Establishment Calling For Welding People Into Homes TO DIE Like China Did

Establishment shills are calling for welding people into homes and dragging infected away from their families forcibly.

Peter Walker, Former Senior McKinsey Partner, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to defend his praise of China and their handling of COIVD-19. When asked by Tucker Carlson if he was referring to welding people into their homes to die, Peter Walker responded that controlling the virus is much more important than people’s right to live. He goes on to praise the effects of China’s crimes against humanity; claiming that it helped stop the spread of the virus.

They weren’t alone. Other mainstream media outlets like USA TODAY also praised China’s inhumane response to COVID-19.

Even the megavillian Bill Gates has praised the CCP for their draconian measures taken to fight the novel coronavirus. With a smirk, he said that it was done in a “very serious way” and he was “very glad it worked because that creates, at least for countries that are as rich as China, or richer… It creates a model.”

A model… For the rest of the world to follow? Who would seriously recommend taking measures like welding people into apartments and homes to fight a virus?

China welded people into homes but didn’t stop international travel

But China had no intention of stopping the spread outside of their country. Instead, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) restricted domestic travels and openly allowed all travel outside of the country. In other words, China quarantined themselves and intentionally let COVID-19 spread to every other nation on the planet.

At this point the information above is pretty much common knowledge… So why are the establishment shills still praising China and basing President Trump? Because they are working with the CCP directly. CNN has even been caught publishing Chinese Communist Propaganda. “President” Xi Jinping has even promised to save globalism from “xenophobic” nationalists.

Xi Jinping had people welded into their homes.

Globalists hate free people. What they want are subservient unarmed civilians who can’t defend themselves from tyranny. That’s why every nation in the “First World” has outlawed guns for the most part. It’s also the reason why we can’t let criminals like former Vice President Joe Biden take those rights away. And make no mistake, Biden has promised to go after guns and the companies that make them.

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This year the left has thrown all pretenses out the window. Now they are running on everything they used to deny believing: late term and even POST birth abortion (outright baby murder), socialism and outright giving stimulus money to illegal aliens.

To the layman, it’s hard to figure out what’s going on. But to the ones who are aware of reality, it seems the New World Order is making their move on the world.



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