Creepy Joe Biden’s 2nd Amendment Agenda EXPOSED

Here’s former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2nd Amendment attack strategy.

As Joe Biden gets ready to exchange blows with Trump over who is more qualified to run the country, the former vice president has actually homed in on the Safeguards of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)— the legislation helping prevent petty lawsuits that look to hold members of the firearms industry responsible for the criminal misuse of lawful, legally sold, safe and non-defective guns.

Biden is reaching far to accomplish this, making crazy and misleading claims. Prior to his debate in South Carolina, he informed the state’s weapon makers, “I’m coming for you, and I’m taking you down.” He liked the hard talk enough that he restated from the debate podium, “And I want to tell you, if I’m elected … gun manufacturers, I’m going to take you on and I’m going to beat you.”

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Biden’s objective is inevitably to reverse the 2005 PLCAA. This regulation, passed with great bipartisan support and signed by former President George W. Bush, ceased the politically driven suits aimed at bankrupting the firearms market. Biden would like to revitalize the push as he pursues the White House, so he’s making use of debunked and bogus insurance claims to make his case.

The PLCAA ended a series of “public nuisance” claims by activist mayors in large cities against gun producers over the criminal activities carried out by consumers. That law doesn’t grant immunity, however, it prevents others from shifting the blame from criminals to a manufacturer. The gun maker isn’t any more responsible for the offense perpetrated by someone than Home Depot would be if a customer committed murder with a hammer they bought there. The PLCAA does nothing more than safeguard a sector that has been targeted by a series of baseless, politically driven claims.

Biden still alleges that this offers gun manufacturers blanket immunity. Both manufacturers and weapons merchants can be, and are, held liable for injury caused by faulty products, breach of contract, criminal transgression, or other activities for which they are specifically accountable, the same as any other product producer.

Joe Biden’s 2nd Amendment Problem

Creepy Joe asserts, as Hillary Clinton misleadingly attempted to demand before him in 2016, that these safeties are one-of-a-kind. As a matter of fact, producers of medical devices, the airline companies, and even internet service and content providers are protected from petty lawsuits when libelous info is published by others. Biden strikes at the PLCAA understanding completely that consumers that carry out offenses are accountable for them. His issue is simply a show for his voters. He wants gun control that he can’t attain with legislation.

In an op-ed for “The Hill”, Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington College, emphasized this when he penned: “Product liability as well as tort actions against manufacturers have uniformly as well as correctly been rejected by the courts. Guns are lawful products, and holding companies liable for later misuse of such products is absurd. You might as well sue an axe manufacturer for the Lizzy Borden murders.”

The former VP is claiming that the men and women that work in the manufacturing facilities, those who produce the firearms not just for honest Americans to practice their civil liberties but additionally for our UNITED STATES Army and even law-enforcement officials, stand opposed to our culture. He suggests that he’s the hero of the blue-collar worker, yet he wants to destroy an increasingly profitable sector that supplies over $15.7 billion in employee earnings. He is adamant that he intends to restore America, but he taunts and even belittles the more than 100 million honest Americans that possess, carry, and utilize their firearms frequently without any problems.

The depressing part is that Biden decided to strike a business sector that has actually expanded 171 percent after 2008 and presently hires more than 312,000 Americans from all walks of life in towns and cities across the nation. He’s coming for firearms makers that paid $6.8 billion in total taxes and had an outright financial effect of greater than $52 billion.

Biden along with the Democrats that endorse him all recognize that the PLCAA does not allow weapons producers one-of-a-kind protections. The regulation that stops them from driving politically driven lawsuits is rock solid. Biden’s outrage is reflective of his disappointment that the courts won’t allow him to bankrupt an industry to confirm his political prejudice against 2nd Amendment liberties.