US Customs Stopped Chinese Scientist With Live MERS & SARS Viruses

China has shown a pattern of bringing deadly pathogens into America

UNITED STATE Customs and Border Protection representatives at Detroit Metro Airport terminal stopped a Chinese person claiming to be a biologist. They were carrying vials believed to contain both MERS and SARS viruses in November 2018– just over a year prior to the initial reported Wuhan coronavirus case, according to an FBI tactical intelligence record obtained by Yahoo News.

US Customs Stopped Chinese Scientist With Live MERS & SARS Viruses

US Customs Stop Chinese Scientist With Viable MERS and SARS Samples

“Inspection of the writing on the vials and the stated recipient led inspection personnel to believe the materials contained within the vials may be viable Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) materials,” the document shows. The vials were labeled “Antibodies”, and the unrevealed scientist claimed that he was expected to provide them to a scientist at a U.S. lab.

The report additionally sets out a pattern of Chinese disturbance, describing two other cases from May 2018 and even as recent as September 2019, just 2 months before the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan in which different Chinese nationals tried to go into the UNITED STATES with undeclared flu strains and suspected E. coli, respectively.

“The Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate assesses foreign scientific researchers who transport undeclared and undocumented biological materials into the United States in their personal carry-on and/or checked luggage almost certainly present a US biosecurity risk,” the file says. “The WMDD makes this assessment with high confidence based on liaison reporting with direct access.”

The FBI has ramped up its work to battle Chinese espionage operations in recent months after admitting failures in preventing the employment of UNITED STATES researchers by Beijing’s “Thousand Talents Plan.”

“With our present-day knowledge of the threat from Chinese plans, we wish we had taken more rapid and comprehensive action in the past,” John Brown, assistant supervisor of the counterintelligence department at the FBI, told a US Senate subcommittee in November. “The time to make up for that is now.”

In January, the head of Harvard College’s chemistry department was criminally charged with failing to reveal financing from the Chinese government, after he hid his participation in the talents program, which encourages the stealing of UNITED STATE copyright.

China has come under fire for its handling of the coronavirus. A study launched previously this month detailed how the Chinese Communist Party could’ve stopped 95 percent of global infections if they’d acted faster to limit the spread and advise others.

Did you know: over 21 MILLION Chinese Citizens quit using their cellphones?

The Chinese Communist Party has been paying for a lot of propaganda within Western media, in an attempt to shift criticism to the UNITED STATES. They have even gone as far as claiming the US created the notorious coronavirus and released it in China.

The odds are better that it came from the National Bio-safety Laboratory (NBL), Wuhan, China. It’s a BSL-4 biological lab; meaning that its one of the few labs in the world where deadly pathogens are stored. The NBL is located within a few miles of the meat market that Chinese scientists are blaming for the outbreak.