Shadowban Test for Twitter

Are you being shadowbanned on Twitter?

“Am I being shadowbanned?”

If you have to ask this question then you probably already know the answer….

For those of you who may be unaware:  shadowbanning means that your social media platform of choice is preventing your posts from showing up on your friends’ and followers’ timelines. Your posts are also suppressed from search results. Its typically caused by users choosing to question the establishment and/or protest against the insanity of leftists. Haven’t you ever wondered why your engagement on social media has slowly ceased since 2014?

Is it done to make people feel depressed and isolated? To prevent information from being spread? Perhaps it is done to encourage businesses to pay for advertising through the site? To be honest, only the CEOs know the true intentions behind their nefarious behavior.

But one thing is for sure, people are tired of it. Even the left admits its going on. Unfortunately, most of them seem to support it.

Personally, I recommend leaving Twitter and moving to a platform like Gab. Anyone who chooses to remain on Twitter shouldn’t be surprised that they are continuing to do what they’ve done for several years now. Ban conservative voices and anyone that questions the mainstream’s narratives.

If anyone has any doubts this is going on, please check for yourself.

Use the website below to check if you’re being shadowbanned by Jack Dorsi and his lackeys. Make sure you share the results with everyone you know.

Knowledge is power to the people, ignorance is power to the elites!

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