“THEY ARE COMING AFTER ME” – Terrence K Williams Was Targeted By Twitter

After Terrence K. Williams was retweeted by Donald Trump he’s received hundreds of death threats and Facebook has marked his page as “Fake News” despite the fact that he’s a comedian not a journalist. He’s asking for everyone to use the hashtag “#ProtectTerrenceKWilliams”.


Twitter actively buried a hashtag created by Terrence K Williams

Terrence K Williams Shadow Banned on Twitter

By making sure it doesn’t trend above #4, they are ensuring that NOBODY sees it.

Terrence K Williams persecuted on Twitter

Why did they bury this? Because of this video:

“They’re tryin’ to shut me down”

“If anything happens to me, somebody on the left did it.”

Terrence K Williams also made sure to make note that he is NOT suicidal.. In case he gets Arkancided by the Clintons.

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