Get Up and TAKE ACTION Now – The World is Yours

If you want the world to change for the better, you have to change it. YOU have to take action!

Believe me, if you don’t do anything the world will change anyway. However, the changes that the world makes won’t always be good ones. There are many selfish people out there who will change the world in ways that benefit themselves only.

There are people who are trying to change things right now; even as you read this. But they are the wrong people for the job. Antifa. Communists. Brainwashed children fresh out of public indoctrination centers (AKA public schools).

A logical counter to this is to become more active ourselves. I know that it may seem intimidating to go out in the world and make yourself heard. But you must do it anyway. You must do it for your family. Do it for your friends… Do it for yourself.

Unless you want to live through a nightmare instead, take action. Think about what you’re good at. How can you use your skills to better your community and the lives of those around you? That’s what you do.

Our world is humanity’s to mold as we see fit. If we continue letting the wealthy and their lackeys push us around we will lose every bit of freedom we have. It is in the nature of the powerful to seek more power. So it’s extremely important that we not let them take the power we have left.

It’s possible to make the Earth a genuine paradise. We simply need to hold liars in media accountable, enact term limits on all politicians, go back to gold backed currency and respect each other. That’s all it would take to solve thousands of problems.

Will you do it?



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