SemFor Launched by DARPA – Oppressive Censorship AI

The effects of shadowbanning on Social Media and manipulating Google’s search results aren’t good enough for the CIA. Now they’re coming for your memes.

DARPA just launched a new program called “Semantic Forensics” or “SemFor”. I just finished reading through their presentation slides and I must say, this is dangerous to anyone who isn’t part of the establishment “elite”.

With this technology, they will be able to identify the origins of memes and identify the AUTHOR as a threat; thus censoring everything they post. In other words: the CIA designed an AI to control and eliminate the spread of viral posts on social media.

This was clearly a response to the fact that their AI could not detect the content in MEMES. If you go through the slides you’ll see that SemFor is designed specifically FOR MEMES and the detection of content within them.

SemFor is coming for our memes!

SemFor DARPA AI to eliminate viral memes

The image above is an example of how they use SemFor to detect the “hot areas” in memes for the AI to extract text from. It analyzes what part of the meme is calling for the viewers attention…

Targeted ATTACKS?

SemFor DARPA AI to eliminate viral memes

In the slide above they show a reference to a video Jordan Peele made a couple years ago. The video showed how easy it is to fake footage of ANYONE saying ANYTHING. Of course the CIA saw this video as an “attack”.

Unlike the spin you will hear from every mainstream news story you read, I’m going to tell you the TRUTH.

The Truth About Semantic Forensics

It’s become glaringly obvious that anything they don’t want us to believe is “fake” and every lie they shove down our throats is the “truth”. That is why this AI is scary.

If the AI actually went after fake news and eliminated it, that would be fine. But, the truth is, the CIA doesn’t want you knowing the truth.



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