Media Losing It Over Easter Services, Ignores Mosques and Synagogues Staying Open Since Outbreak Began

There is no shortage of news about Christian churches violating social distancing for Easter. But you probably didn’t know that Muslims and Jews have ignored COVID-19 and lock-down orders the whole time, did you?

It is Easter Sunday and some pastors are having church despite the risks of novel coronavirus infection. Every news outlet is covering it. You would think it’s a huge deal. Christians are ignoring quarantine orders and gathering in large groups!

Ignore the fact that the cure to the novel coronavirus has been found… Let’s pretend that large gatherings are still dangerous. Why doesn’t any media mention religions other than Christianity? They obviously have an agenda.

Muslims and Jews have ignored COVID-19 dangers for months

Every time someone shares something on social media that goes against the mainstream narrative it gets removed and the poster gets a ban. I’ve seen posts about Orthodox Jews ignoring social distancing and watched the poster get kicked off the platform. Of course, just mentioning the word Jew is instantly attacked as anti-Semitic.

As the map below shows: Hasidic communities happen to have the highest concentrations of 2019-nCoV outbreaks.

“Three counties with some of the largest Hasidic Jewish communities in New York have some of the highest infection rates. Two neighborhoods in New York City with large Hasidic Jewish communities are Williamsburg and Borough Park – both have high numbers of cases.”

Hasidic Jews aren’t the only ones putting their religion first

There is a protected class of people in America. Leftists love to defend Muslims. If you dared to mention the Muslims gathering in mosques you were a racist!

But the truth doesn’t change because of outrage. Studies have shown that many of the major outbreaks of novel coronavirus can be traced back to mosques and Muslims ignoring social distancing orders.

Why is the media attacking Easter?

This world is the anti-christ. Society looks down on Christians and attacks them as bigots and warmongers… Meanwhile they talk about how peaceful Islam is… When was the last time you heard of a Christian caliphate trying to take over the planet to impose Sharia law? No the crusades don’t count.

Establishment media outlets make their allegiance obvious. Many of them openly practice their occult rituals while telling the public “it’s just for fun”. For over 148 years, THOUSANDS of them meet annually at the Bohemian Grove to worship a giant stone owl… And that’s just one example.

You might not take religion seriously but the globalists do.




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