Man Spits on Oranges Then Gets The COVID-19 Slapped Out Of Him

Another person becomes a bio-terrorist because of COVID-19.

This is just one of many recent cases where people infected with the novel coronavirus have been caught spreading their bodily fluids on groceries and other surfaces in an attempt to spread the virus. Watch as this man spits on oranges and one of his fellow shoppers slaps the hell out of him

Just 2 weeks ago a man in Taiwan was caught on surveillance footage spitting on a man just before dropping dead.

Four days ago customers at a “Stop & Shop” in Missouri had to tackle an old man for “coughing and spitting” on produce.

Viruses and parasites are known to change the behaviors of their hosts to encourage actions that help the disease spread. ISIS has also promised to turn COVID-19 into a weapon.

Something is going on.

COVID-19 is turning some Americans into bio-terrorists.

It’s shocking how many people are turning their bodily fluids into weapons against fellow Americans. Is it possible that the virus is altering people’s behavior?

There is some evidence that the US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE might have been engineering viruses to kill the religious part of middle-eastern terrorists by targeting what is known as the “God Gene” (scientifically known as vesicular monoamine transporter 2 or VMAT2).

According to the British Medical Journal there have been reports of the novel coronavirus affecting the behavior and minds of some individuals.

Saturday, April 4

A team of Massachusetts shoppers had to take a man down and hold him until authorities showed up. Witnesses say they saw him coughing and even spitting on fruit and vegetables.

“It’s terrifying and no one should ever do that, even if it is a joke,” said Kyle Mann, who was shopping at that Stop and Shop on Saturday.

We can see part of the scuffle thanks to cell phone footage shot from inside a “Stop & Shop” in Kingston on Saturday.

You can see the video clip below:

The footage shows us 3 men in and the terrorist in the fruit and vegetables aisle. “Don’t try and get up,” one of the shoppers advises the man.

Witnesses informed cops they observed that the 65-year-old man was coughing and spitting on produce.

Staff members of the shop claimed strikes were also traded between the man and one shop staff member.

Kingston authorities may pursue charges against the unnamed male, consisting of assault and battery, as well as damage of residential or commercial property.