It’s Official: UFO’s & Aliens in Vegas?

In an unusual incident that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, local police recently released bodycam and dispatch audio recordings of officers responding to a family’s report of seeing creatures in their backyard shortly after witnessing a falling light in the sky.

According to reports from 8 News Now, multiple agencies believe that something landed or crashed in the vicinity of the family’s residence.

In the recorded 911 call, a young man can be heard describing to the police that two “very large” creatures, standing approximately eight to ten feet tall, were present in their backyard. He emphasized that he was not joking and expressed fear, saying, “We’re terrified.”

He went on to describe the beings as looking like aliens, with big eyes and a big mouth that he found hard to explain. He emphasized that their eyes were shiny and distinctly not human.

Just moments before the 911 call, a Las Vegas Metro Police officer captured footage on his body camera showing a green light descending from the sky.