Horrific Tale of Las Vegas UFO Witnesses

Police are reporting strange lights in the sky and eyewitnesses are claiming to see “10-foot tall” beings.

According to 8 News Now, the officer assigned to investigate the report about aliens in Las Vegas, Nevada has expressed that he was feeling nervous when he arrived at the scene. He asked the family if they had witnessed anything falling from the sky before encountering the creatures.

A member of the family pointed to their neighbors, stating that they had mentioned seeing a large object with lights falling near their backyard.

In a recent video, one of the family members decided to provide more details about what they experienced. They shared footage from their home security camera, which allegedly captured the moment when the object descended from the sky. The video showed a bright flash, accompanied by a whistle-like sound and a booming noise.

The young man continued to describe the incident, recounting how his brother urged him to look behind the tractor in their backyard. There, he claims to have seen a tall, skinny creature with a gray-greenish color. When he made eye contact with the creature, the young man felt his body freeze, similar to the sensation of sleep paralysis, until he managed to run back into the house.

According to the young man, the alien had peculiar feet, a large face with eyes, and a big mouth. He could hear the creature’s loud, deep breathing and observe its moving stomach.

While waiting for the police to arrive, the family reported hearing footsteps in the backyard and whispers outside. They later heard footsteps on their roof. Once the police left, the young man mentioned that his family went inside and began praying. During this time, they heard a loud scream, similar to that of a human, coming from their backyard.

The police footage documenting these events has become viral online, sparking speculation across the United States regarding what may have fallen from the sky and what the family might have encountered in their backyard.