FALSE – Voter ID Laws Are Racist, Prevent Minorities From Voting

Quick Breakdown:

While it isn’t provable in court, we can see that there is enough evidence to make the case that this explanation is: FALSE

Popular Talking Points & The Truth

  • Minorities are poor and cannot afford identification cards?
    • Low income families have options like EBT/SNAP to help them with finances. In most states, if a family is on the EBT/SNAP program, their ID cards are FREE from the DMV.
  • Minorities can’t get to the DMV?
    • All Americans are provided with the same transportation options.
  • Minorities are uneducated?
    • That’s just a racist statement.


Voter ID laws are not racist, the talking points are.

In most US states, low income families are given options to receive FREE or greatly discounted Identification Cards/Driver’s Licenses. This means that poor people can get a voter ID without paying for it themselves.

Everyone in the USA has the same options when it comes to transportation. There is no segregation on public transportation anymore and no white individual will have an “easier time getting to the DMV” than anyone else.

Minorities are not uneducated idiots. They get the same education every other American who attends public school receives.