EXCLUSIVE – Facebook is LYING to Block Users

Facebook post EXPOSING ‘The Hunt’s portrayal of the murder of Trump supporters by Liberal “elites”, labeled as porno.

“The Hunt” is a movie about killing “Deplorables” (term famously coined by Hillary Clinton in 2016 election)… And Facebook is covering it up.

When we posted a story about “The Hunt”, Facebook hit me with a 24 hour block. If you don’t know, “The Hunt” is an upcoming movie where Hollywood attempts to help the left live out their morbid fantasies. So it goes without saying that when we posted a story exposing these facts, Facebook blocked our page and my account. What’s the reason given? Well they claim it had nudity, nipples or sex in it. Here’s a screenshot of one of the explanations. Since they removed the image I put it here too, for documentation purposes.

Facebook blocks page makes up reason
Facebook called this porno

This isn’t the only time they’ve done it to us. Back in May I posted a picture of a vaccine insert. That’s all.

Facebook hit the page with a violation for spreading “Fake News”… For sharing a picture of a vaccine insert. They sent me a link to a webpage claiming to debunk the dangers of vaccines. The site is just a long list of quotes made by doctors about how research has proven vaccines to be safe.

All of the comments are about a paragraph long and none of them contain any science or proof. Apparently we’re supposed to believe that people’s opinions are more “true” than a scientific vaccine insert?

Biden was just quoted saying the “truth” matters more than facts

Could it be that the HHS and Facebook are working together to hide the dangers of vaccines? Surely you know that there are special courts dedicated to vaccine damages. Why would the government need secret courts dedicated to an imaginary problem?

These claims against vaccine manufacturers cannot normally be filed in state or federal civil courts, but instead must be heard in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, sitting without a jury.

Wikipedia en regards to Vaccination damage claims.

The insert they violated us for was about the tetanus vaccine. It can cause SIDS as well as AUTISM (something everyone loves to claim doesn’t happen). This is documented science and it was removed from Facebook as fake news.

So as a response I will share it here.

Facebook said this is fake news.

Facebook called this fake news

So I hunted this documentation down of course. I’m not one to just believe what I see on the internet. Maybe Facebook isn’t full of crap? Believe it or not the FDA removed this document from their site. I typed it in from this meme and it was gone. Maybe it was a hoax after all?

Being good at digging is something I take pride in. So that’s what I did.

After a short search on the “Wayback Machine” I found that the URL was, in fact, very real.

Facebook called this fake news

OK, so now we’re onto something right? I downloaded the Insert for myself, which you can do here… And in that very long and complicated document about scientific studies revolving around the Tripedia vaccine I finally found it. OK I actually used a search function but it sounded good right?

Facebook called this fake news

So it turned out that I got a strike against me for sharing science. Go figure. Facts aren’t as important as their “truth” remember?



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