Michigan is Pushing Back Against Whitmer’s COVID-19 Shutdown Orders

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) continues to experience protest over her executive orders amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lawyer David Helm is representing four Michigan citizens – 3 from Oakland Area and one from Roscommon, that have submitted a federal lawsuit against Governor Whitmer and her executive order.

They argue that forcing companies to close down, outlawing travel to private homes and taking away basic liberty to associate with one another, violates citizens First and Fifth Amendment rights.

“Our position is, ordering businesses to shut down, preventing residents and citizens from accessing their second homes, within the state is essentially a taking and they need to be compensated for it.

Although the coronavirus has claimed the lives of thousands of individuals in Michigan, Helm claims they agree with most of the limitations in the governor’s initial order that follow the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines. The suit’s claim is that the extensive executive orders conflict with state and federal constitutions.

“We are not arguing for political dissidence or any sort of protest. What we are saying, is that people have the right to associate with their friends and family. And that is being unjustly infringed.”

“We have a hard time reconciling how you can go to the store, but you can’t go out on your fishing boat,” Helm said. “Or you can go to employer who is essential but a one-man tree trimming operation is not.”

Editor’s note: Under the executive order its actually legal to use your sport fishing craft.

Today, April 15, a massive protest was held in Michigan to bring attention to this ongoing situation. The American people are not going to let this pandemic panic destroy our liberties and our lives. Say no to fearmongering! The real danger is the creeping tyranny.