Did Everyone Forget About Jeffrey #Epstein’s #LittleBlackBook?

Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book is still out there being ignored

It’s been a while since there’s been any news about the people connected with Jeffrey Epstein.

Today we shared the fact that Activision/Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick was found in Epstien’s “Little Black Book”.

Recently, Blizzard was blasted for taking the Chinese government’s side against Hong Kong. Moreover, in a statement to China, Blizzard said that China was their country and that pro Hong Kong speech “outraged” them.

Bobby Kotick deserves to be investigated for his deep ties to the global establishment and claims of Chinese allegiance. Everyone in that book deserves attention, but why is nobody talking about any of them?

Let’s shine a light on these names

I got the list for myself and I’ll be investigating into possible links to people of note. You can also do the same here. Remember the power of sharing. It’s so powerful that the establishment has taken measures such as “shadowbanning” to curb its effects.

Stay tuned for more connections to Jeffrey Epstein and Pedophile Island.



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