Celebrities Keep Comparing JFK and Trump in Jokes – Call JFK “Traitor”

On October 20th, 2019 – Hillary Clinton released a fake letter mocking President Trump and comparing him to JFK.

October 17th, 2019 – Tom Arnold called JFK and Trump “traitor” and hinted at assassination being justified if you challenge the establishment.

Celebrities Keep Comparing JFK and Trump in Jokes - Call JFK "Traitor"

Washington Post, Politico, CNN and many other establishment media outlets have also compared Trump to JFK. What an interesting choice…

Do you know that JFK was assassinated for challenging the Central Bank?

He was literally assassinated within 2 weeks of signing an Executive Order that eliminated Fiat currency and forced the United States Treasury to begin printing money that was actually backed by VALUE instead of debt.

Trump has also hinted at doing the same.

Without a doubt, there are forces working to assassinate our President.

The Globalists want Trump dead just like JFK

From Infowars:

“media and cultural power brokers are putting out not-so-subtle messaging that violence must be waged against Trump and his supporters.

For example, a Times Square billboard by an athletic clothing company featured an image of a woman hogtying and torturing Trump last week.

Hollywood has-beens Tom Arnold and Barbra Streisand also made veiled violent threats against Trump’s life on Twitter, with Arnold invoking JFK’s assassination and Streisand sharing a cartoon of Pelosi’s shoe impaling a bloody Trump.”

Keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t let the establishment get anything past us again.