Is Using Code to Sell Child Sex Slaves?

Do child sex traffickers use the intentionally misspelled word “chidlren” to refer to child sex slaves? We’re going to investigate. Join us and find out.

If the code word “chidlren” is being used by slave traders and sex traffickers look at how Trump used it in his Tweet. It’s as if he is saying “I know your code you perverts. You deserve to die.”

After a little digging, we found some suspicious items for sale on Alibaba. Some instances of the word “chidlren” were clearly just typos. However there are these items that seem to be extremely overpriced and use the word “chidlren”.

Sure, it’s possible they just don’t understand how to value their products and can’t spell children properly… But lets take a deeper look at Alibaba.

Ran a search for “sex dolls” and it suggested these:

Click on “Young Girl” and these are a few of the products they sell.

The more I research the more I’m convinced that Alibaba is, at the very least, a safe haven for pedophiles. The evidence is thin but it looks like they might be contributing to the child sex trafficking trade as well.

UPDATE: Facebook Immediately Locks Counter Globalist Account Over Child Sex Trafficking Story

Zuckerberg’s pedophile protection kicked in immediately!

Within a minute of posting our article exposing for being a haven of pedophiles Facebook claimed my account showed “unusual activity”. They then required a laundry list of tests (including a picture of my face) to unlock my account. After I provided what they asked for this is the screen I received.

I’m more convinced that Alibaba is selling child sex slaves now.