Activision/Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Threatens Employees With Mandatory Vaccinations

Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick is calling for forced vaccinations before life can “return to normal”.

Bobby Kotick is threatening something HUGE

“I don’t think we’ve had the same challenges from a work from home perspective as other companies, but people are feeling the isolation, frustration and anxiety,” Kotick admitted. He doesn’t envision life returning back to normal until there’s a low cost, widely available vaccine and testing.

Bobby Kotick pushing mandatory vaccines and testing to return to normal life.

Is this how the globalists are planning to sidestep the law and force mandatory vaccinations?

What if all the major corporations refused to hire people who aren’t vaccinated? Would they get away with it? They could claim it’s a health risk to other employees.

Blizzard/Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick is 100% connected to Jeffrey Epstein.

We will provide proof because we don’t say this lightly. Feel free to verify everything here as we will provide citations and links to the original source. We pride ourselves in never spreading fake news here at Counter Globalist News.

On page 31 (marked as “36” in the image) in a PDF file of Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book you will find the CEO of Activision. His name was misspelled but the part of the email that’s not redacted is definitely “”. There are no important people at Activision/Blizzard named “Boby Kotik” and Epstein only associated with “important” people, only Bobby Kotick.

Page 31 of Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book (Please check for yourself)

Bobby Kotick in Jeffrey Epstien's little black book
Page 31 of Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book (Please check for yourself)

Now it’s your turn. Check out Jeffrey Epstien’s little black book and see it for yourself. Then take a look at the other names, you might see some others you recognize.

Considering who Bobby Kotick’s friends with you have to wonder…



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