October 23, 2021


Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot Explains How She’s Blocking Trump & Calls for “Pledging Allegiance to the New World Order”


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has gone on Television and talked openly about how she is blocking the Trump administration and rigging the system. According to Mayor Lightfoot she goes out of her way to hire people who are “Pledging Allegiance to the New World Order”.

It was only a month ago that Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot pledged to give stimulus money to illegal aliens.

  • Transcribed by Counter Globalist News:

“How do you do it? My thoughts are, because it’s not written into law it’s just a very dominant culture, I think the only way you can do it is a couple ways: one.. I would I’d think about an executive order on day one that says you know in more legalese than this.. This is not a thing… We will not.. no longer uh, honor this, because the way that a prerogative works is there’s got to be compliance with the executive branch, because otherwise it doesn’t work. So you gotta eliminate that compliance and make a mandate and then you do training, particularly in the city, that I’ll call the licensing departments. Whether it’s zoning, building, housing, it will be impacted by head planning certainly, and it’s an any and you… Pick the people who run those agencies and the deputies that are pledging allegiance to the New World Order

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