Joe Biden Has the Memory of a Goldfish – Keeps Repeating Himself on Live-stream

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Is Vice President Joe Biden’s Dementia Getting Worse?

Joe Biden had an embarrassing night on his campaign website’s live stream… but he probably doesn’t even remember it!

Watch as former Vice President Biden forgets what he’s saying and reads from his talking points 3 separate times!

At this point, you have to wonder if he even knows who and where he is right now.

Biden wants you to know that “the act of protesting should never be allowed to overshadow the reason for the protests in the first place”. Uncle Joe wants you to know so badly that he kept saying it verbatim on his Live Stream.

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Biden’s dementia should be the least of your concerns

Former United States Vice President Biden has fondled many young girls in front of their families and TV audiences. There is even video of the pedophile discretely pinching the nipples of these poor victims. Yet, this is the champion of the left?

A forgetful old pedophile. Good job Democrats, you picked a real winner.


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