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There is a small group of companies in charge of what you can find online. They own all the search engines.

This is a big deal because a small group of rich assholes can control everything you see on the internet! What do you think you could do if you controlled all of the search engines on Earth? Could you control what people find when they search for things? Obviously. Could that influence people psychologically? Of course. Just check out this post about the effects of Google manipulating search results in the 2020 election.

This is nothing new, check out this college paper dating back to 2009.

Google Yahoo and Microsoft Suppressing Free Speech Online

Now, the last good uncensored search engine: has been acquired by, an extremely left wing and anti free speech company.

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In case you haven’t noticed, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find anything that goes against the establishment’s narratives. This is because the only way to find information on your own is through search engines. But a small group of powerful left wing companies have taken over all forms of internet crawling and most forms of browsing. The globalists have taken over all the search engines.

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The list is short:

If you use another search engine, it’s extremely likely it uses at least one of these as its backbone.

Until recently there was a new search engine being developed in competition to the established few called Yippy. It now forwards to Duck Duck Go. Duck Duck Go is not your friend. They claim to support privacy and free speech while their actions show the opposite to be true.

Someone who supports free speech and has a backbone must build a new search engine to compete or we will be suffocated under the mountains of fake news the establishment posts online everyday.

The only way to beat this is to share this news and hope that someone answers the call. Or maybe we’ll work on something ourselves at Counter Globalist Operations if nothing happens.

Do you care about your freedom and the wellbeing of others? Then help them and tell them the uncomfortable truth.

You are being controlled and manipulated by the same families that have controlled and manipulated humanity for thousands of years. They have learned how to control the internet and soon everything will go back to how the establishment has always ran. You will become peasants and they will rule you.

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Unless you do something.

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