FRAUD ON FILM: Female Poll Worker “Filled out BLANK BALLOTS for over an Hour”, Certified Them With Stamp

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12 thoughts on “FRAUD ON FILM: Female Poll Worker “Filled out BLANK BALLOTS for over an Hour”, Certified Them With Stamp

  1. Lies lies lies just like your criminal trump who already killed over 250,000 Americans using the coronavirus. Defend trump and you are defending a criminal. History will record how trump killed over 250,000 Americans.

  2. its been claimed by ‘usatoday.’ that these two are ‘repairing damaged ballots’, and not falsifying the ballots.

    at this stage, I dont know what to believe…..

      1. Changing a ballot in any form is ILLEGAL. That includes “repairing” incorrect ballots. Poll workers have no right to fill out ballots in any capacity. Go look it up.

    1. You cannot wear any political type garments in a polling area. I have worked as a poll worker and there were many people we had to tell them to either remove or cover up any garments that promoted a party or candidate.

      1. Incorrect. Poll workers cannot wear political clothing. You can’t campaign within 500ft of a polling station and some idiots interpret that to mean no political clothing. However, due to the Constitution, specifically the First amendment, we are free in what we wear on our persons and how we express ourselves. The government shall make no law telling its citizens what it can or cannot wear. Go educate yourself.

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