What Really Happened to Counter Globalist News?

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Counter Globalist News went offline for about 100 days. Before that, the site was on autopilot, sharing information based on an AI algorithym I created to counter Globalist misinformation.

Since November of last year many things have happened. Our nation has been hijacked by a criminal regime that exploited the insecurities in mail-in voting and ballot counting machines to undo the will of Americans.

The entire media machinery has ran 24 hour propaganda campaigns against reality as we know it.

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Unfortunately, 1984 is becoming 2021.

So what happened?

Counter Globalist News had been an effective mission but it was time for more.

We’ve been preparing for what’s next.

The entire western free world is under attack. In countries like Australia and England they are publicly beating people for violating lockdown orders. Over a virus that was never really dangerous to begin with.

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The only reason anyone has been dying is lack of treatment. But the global elites have suppressed every effective treatment to create the illusion that only vaccines can stop COVID-19.

Meanwhile in countries that don’t lie to their population (like Japan) the government is admitting that drugs like IVERMECTIN cure COVID-19. They have also cancelled their orders of MILLIONS of experimental “vaccines” after they found that they were contaminated with “magnetic” “liquid metals”. Will you see this on your Television? NO.

Why not share this information online?

Every major platform for speech on the internet is bought and owned by people with the same agenda. Their agenda is “The Great Reset” and their using the “Plandemic” to do it.


Sharing the truth gets you suspended from Twitter. Sharing the truth gets you throttled on Facebook. Sharing the truth will get you delisted by Google’s search engine.

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Do you really think half the world are “conspiracy theorists”? The thousands of medical experts with degrees in medicine who have warned against mRNA “vaccines” are all crazy? Or have you been lied to by a group of murderous psychopaths that own a large percentage of what you see and interact with daily?

The Nazis did it once… What makes you think America is immune to a repeat of history?

Do you realize that many thousands of Nazis integrated into America after World War 2 because of Operation “Paperclip” (among others)? Hundreds of thousands of Nazi scientists also infiltrated the entire free world as the leaders of science and medicine because of their research into the fields at concentration camps.

So is it really so far fetched to think those people raised kids just like them that are pulling a slow con on the world?

How Can We Share Then?

Text your friends important information directly. Talk to people about the truth, stop being timid to avoid conflicts. Be ready to prove what you say. Memorize important names and quotes. People will respect you more if you know what you’re talking about. They will also have an easier time verifying the information that way.

Counter Globalist is Creating Easy to Navigate Fact Checking Section

Because it’s getting harder to find the truth on search engines we’re working on providing a database of facts that cannot be buried. Look for the announcement in the near future.

Counter Globalist Will Be Opening a Worldwide Church

In order to provide people with vaccination mandate immunity we will be starting our own church, with a section on our new website about vaccination exemptions.

The company’s CEO is currently working on becoming ordained.

Expect Change, Get Change

“Real change comes from within.”

– Cody King

Counter Globalist’s new mission will be to guide the world through personal growth and lead humanity to a global awakening.

Will Counter Globalist News Change?

Only in positive ways. You can still expect the truth and a non-emotional perspective on topics that need to be discussed. But you can also expect a new layout and easier navigation to come soon.

This will be a long journey… Thanks for coming along.


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