Is That A Megachurch? No, It’s People Worshipping Vaccine Companies


In this video that’s floating around online we can see the cult like mentality of the left on full display. Watch as an entire crowd of brainwashed sheep literally raise their hands in worship of vaccine companies like Pfizer.

They claim that its not a religion but this clip shows thousands of morons woshipping vaccines.

Am I being cynical when I say I hope they enjoy the side effects? Maybe.

Surely, “Fact-checkers” will say this didn’t happen and the establishment will try to scrub the video from the internet. That’s why we saved it here, where they have no power.

Crowd of Thousands Literally Worship Vaccine Companies

In what was a clear mockery of Christianity, a crowd of thousands was led to worship companies like Pfizer and Moderna for creating deadly mRNA gene therapies. They also took a jab at “anti-vaxxers” to a chorus of boos.

Isn’t it ironic that a sea of anti religious uneducated fools is worshipping their own termination from the planet?

Jokes aside, this cult of Positivism will consume the world if we let it. Make no mistake, these men with pink hair and lipstick on still have the ability to fire a gun and control a country… And they are zealots with faith in a mock god. This behavior is reminiscant of Nazi Germany during the rise of the Nazis.

Again, the inversionists have managed to twist language… Turning the definition of “antifascist” to “totally fascists”. Questioning the establishment and thinking for yourself is bad… Looking at scientific studies is “science denial”. We all know exactly where this ends. Hopefully they all drop dead of blood clots first.

Please share this video because it might wake up some of the people who need it. Like the guy in the bottom right… “WTF is this?”

Cult of Vaccine Woshippers Cheer for Pfizer and Moderna

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