VIDEO: Biden Press Sec Says Voters ‘Shouldn’t Be Surprised’ Janet Yellen Was Paid Citadel Shill Before Appointment To Biden Regime

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From The National File:

During Thursday’s White House press conference, Biden administration press secretary Jen Psaki flippantly downplayed the potentially massive conflict of interest raised by Biden treasury Secretary Janet Yellen being paid in $810,000 in speaking fees by hedge fund Citadel LLC before refusing to recuse herself from advising Joe Biden on the Gamestop “meme stock” short squeeze, which heavily involves Citadel-owned trading platform Robinhood as well as the hedge fund itself.

Psaki, who previously deflected questions about the regime’s handling of the recent stock market craze by praising Yellen as “the first female treasury secretary,” offered up a pathetic response to a question about a conflict of interest Thursday.

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“You did mention, I believe yesterday, that the treasury secretary is monitoring the situation and is on top of it,” a reported stated during the press conference. “There have been some concerns about her previous engagements with Citadel and speaking fees that she has received from Citadel; are there any plans to have her recuse herself from advising the president on Gamestop and the whole Robinhood situation?”

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Psaki appeared to fumble around her words in her response, referring to an SEC statement from Wednesday before stating, “I don’t think I have anything for for you on it, other than to say, separate from the Gamestop issue, the secretary of treasury is one of the world-renowned experts on markets, on the economy, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone she was paid to giver her perspective and advice before she came into office.”

Yellen’s financial disclosures reveal she was paid $810,000 by Citadel LLC for speaking engagements prior to her appointment by Biden, and received cash from myriad other large corporations such as Citi, Goldman Sachs, Google, City National Bank, UBS, Barclays, Credit Suisse, and Salesforce.

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