Twitter Plays Damage Control For Bill Gates After His Depopulation Comments Go Viral


Social networking giant Twitter made an odd half-admission on Tuesday when billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates began trending on the platform.

” Bill Gates said health care and vaccines could reduce unsustainable population growth in a 2010 TED Talk, fact-checkers say,” a Twitter post concerning the “trending” topic explained.

Twitter offers Reuters, The Associated Press, and as sources verifying that throughout a 2010 TED Talk concerning decreasing carbon discharges, “Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that one of the factors contributing to high levels of carbon emissions is population growth and that better health care could help lower unsustainable population growth.”

This seems a shocking revelation, however Twitter still assert, “Gates was referring to the reduction of population growth, not the reduction of the population by 10 or 15%, reports Reuters.”

Twitter quotes the Associated Press in stating Gates has never supported eliminating people, however forgets to refute that he promotes less humans being birthed.

Listen to Gates’ slogans on your own in the infamous 2010 Ted Talk where he plainly states “new vaccines, health care and reproductive health services” may decrease population growth by 10-15%.

Bear in mind, Gates’ father “was head of Planned Parenthood,” which murders millions and in turn, decreases population growth.

A 2010 Infowars article by Paul Joseph Watson discussed Gates’ reference of vaccination in regards to population reduction.

“Quite how an improvement in health care through vaccines that supposedly save lives would lead to a lowering in global population is an oxymoron, unless Gates was referring to vaccines that sterilize people, which is precisely the same method advocated in White House science advisor John P. Holdren’s 1977 textbook Ecoscience, which calls for a dictatorial ‘planetary regime’ to enforce draconian measures of population reduction via all manner of oppressive techniques, including sterilization.”

In a 2018 video clip, Gates attempted to twist his previous remarks by asserting his efforts to give “new medicines” as well as maintain “children alive” are likely going to end up decreasing population growth.

“As health improves, families choose to have less children,” he explained. “And this effect is very, very dramatic. We find that in every country in the world, this is repeated. Population growth goes down as we improve health.”

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