Tucson, Arizona – Police Put Man in Straitjacket for Not Wearing a Mask

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Tucson Police detained a man for not wearing a mask and sent him away in a straitjacket

According to eyewitnesses, the man was eating at the “Cheddar’s” restaurant off of Broadway in downtown Tucson peacefully when police came in and confronted him. He ended up being placed in a straitjacket and taken away by a “paddy wagon”.

A waitress from Cheddar’s, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that the officers claimed the man “went crazy” at two other locations when he was confronted “about wearing a mask”; they had been following him, apparently waiting for a warrant.

This is the state of America. Crazy people are running for office and rioting in the streets while the sane are dragged away in straitjackets for following accepted medical science.

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Now I want to be clear that I’m speculating from here on but I have a feeling he was probably accosted and then had to defend himself against some crazy mask nazis; who subsequently called the police… Something like the couple throwing coffee in a man’s face and then calling the police when he punched them. Eating peacefully at a restaurant doesn’t sound like someone who deserves to be hauled off in a straitjacket to me.

Police have no right to put straitjackets on people who believe in the valid science presented in dozens of large scientific studies. Masks have been proven ineffective in countless studies and it was an accepted consensus in the medical community. Perhaps the boot lickers in the media need to stop telling the public that it’s crazy to believe in actual science. But they won’t.

Governor Ducey (R-AZ) is not even an expert in any scientific field, much less medicine, yet he has demanded that Arizona citizens wear face masks. Doug Ducey is a tyrant and has even declared that vaccinations will be mandatory in his state via his state of emergency.

Counter Globalist News will be investigating to see what police say happened.

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