Trump Says China Likely Behind Solar Winds Hack, NOT RUSSIA

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The “Lamestream” Media is Blaming “Russia, Russia, Russia” for the Hacking of Solar Winds. But According to President Trump China is More Likely to Blame.

As usual, the media is blaming the Russian boogeyman for what was clearly CHINA. Earlier this morning, President Trump tweeted out that he has been briefed by intelligence and the Solar Winds hack was probably China, not Russia.

Why the Solar Winds Hack Matters

The most infamous company in the United States right now is probably Dominion Voting Systems.

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Solar Winds was “hacked” just 6 days before they sold MILLIONS in stocks to China connected individuals.

Dominion uses Solar Winds software in their voting machines. Dominion officials denied any connection to Solar Winds. They even went as far as scrubbing all references to Solar Winds from their website (but not before the logos were archived in the Wayback Machine).

National File reported on December 17 that Dominion Voting Systems do, in fact, use SolarWinds software.

Multiple sources have confirmed Dominion Voting Systems utilizes products from SolarWinds, a recently hacked software company that provides IT service management to businesses, the executive branch, intelligence services, and the US military. Dominion denies using SolarWinds products included in the hack.

SolarWinds was hacked in March by who the ODNI, FBI, and CISA refer to as “malicious actors.” The breach of the SolarWinds’ Orion platform was announced this month, just six days before SolarWinds investors sold hundreds of millions of dollars in stock.

The Daily Dot claims that a Dominion Voting Systems spokesperson said “Dominion Voting Systems does not now — nor has it ever — used the SolarWinds Orion Platform, which was subject of the DHS emergency directive dated December 12, 2020.”

Kenneth Hao, Solar Winds’ board director, “led the establishment” of a $75 billion investment firm in China, as National File reported.

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In fact, it says in Hao’s biography on the Silver Lake site, the board director “led the establishment of the firm’s offices in China and Japan and led Silver Lake’s investments in Alibaba Group” from 2008-2011.

Kenneth Hao is also listed as a “director on the boards” of Dominion Voting Systems.

But Hao isn’t the only connection the company has to China…

From National File:

Another SolarWinds board director named Seth Boro, bought JD Power from a mysterious Chinese company known as XIO Group for $1.8 billion months before the SolarWinds breach in 2019, as National File reported.

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More connections between SolarWinds board members and China continue to emerge as the aftermath of the devastating SolarWinds hack continues to unfold.

SolarWinds director Seth Boro, a man who was instrumental in starting the private equity firm known as Thoma Bravo, “currently serves on the board of directors of several software and technology service companies in which certain investment funds advised by Thoma Bravo hold an investment,” according to his biography on the SolarWinds website.

In 2019, Thoma Bravo bought JD Power for $1.88 billion from XIO Group, a mysterious Chinese company based in Hong Kong.


Post expires at 11:44am on Wednesday December 23rd, 2020


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