Top “Free Speech” Twitter Alternatives in 2021

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Since Twitter has decided to permanently ban the president (as well as all of his associates and followers) you may be looking for another social media platform to use. So here is our list of the top 3 Twitter, Reddit and Facebook alternatives in 2021.

Top 3 Free Speech Social Media Platforms

#1 –

Now, we have had our misgivings about this company from the beginning… However, after digging into their information and even talking to the CEO John Matze personally, I feel that this company does have the best intentions; despite their lawyers’ connections to the deep state. Nobody has a perfect lawyer.

Parler functions much like Twitter and users will find a smooth transition from one to another. The population on this site is mostly conservative. Their app just got suspended from the Google Play store and is currently being threatened with removal from the Apple Store as well due to the Great Red Purge being pulled today. They may want to consider doing what Gab did to bypass this problem.

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#2 –

A close runner up, Gab is notorious for its free speech. However, if you are new to the social media switch over then you might be unfamiliar with this platform.

Founded and ran by Andrew Torba, Gab has been doing the free speech thing for about 5 years now. They were the first ones to be banned from the Apple Store and Google Play for failing to censor their users’ speech at the demand of big tech. However, Gab found a way around the ban by integrating into the “fediverse” with Mastodon. This allows users to use any fediverse browser to access Gab. Since there are so many unique browsers to access the fediverse with, Google and Apple cannot ban them all. Besides that, they would be punishing every network in the fediverse for one node ( .

#3 – TheDonald.Win

When Reddit decided to ban r/The_Donald the moderators of that group made their own Reddit spinoff. TheDonald.Win is a place where you can go to post about politics (as long as you aren’t a crazy communist). It may turn into a Conservative version of Reddit but, with the election over and Trump conceding, it may fizzle out because it is such a specialized site.

Worth Mention – Brighteon Social Media

Brighteon is a video streaming alternative to services like YouTube. It was founded by the “Health Ranger” Mike Adams of Natural News. Originally, Brighteon changed their name and their clunky service and never looked back. Now they are a top notch video streaming platform.

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Aside from their video platform, Brighteon has just started their own social media network to combat censorship. This one is still in beta stages and may not be as active as the ones listed above. However, I thought it deserved a mention.

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Gab saiu do fediverso, ou estou enganado?

Thanks for the info. Have written them down and should Parlor become another blocked free speech platform, good to know others exist

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