The Sham Impeachment & The Attack on Free Speech

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From Judicial Watch:

[T]his is not about ethics, this is about power and this is about using the levers of power and abusing the levers of power to curtail the ability of your political opponents to operate, yet alone participate, in our constitutional republic,’ Fitton stated Friday

This week’s Senate trial is much more than a targeting of President Trump, Fitton explained. The president was “summarily impeached” by the House of Representatives on the grounds that he incited the January 6 “insurrection,” but “the record demonstrates he was engaged in core First Amendment speech.” As Fitton explained, the impeachment trial is fundamentally about challenging the right to raise concerns about election integrity. “They want to outlaw or suggest that criticizing the way the elections were conducted is tantamount to violence,” he affirmed.

So that’s why this impeachment trial … is so dangerous to our constitutional freedoms,” Fitton continued. The Senate impeachment trial is about going after those who are concerned about the security of election systems. “Can you raise questions about the way the election was conducted? According to the Left, you can’t.”

Fitton believes that the Senate’s jurisdiction to try a former president is “an open question.” However, even if the trial were constitutionally sound, Fitton has described it as a “sham.” The impeachment trial, Fitton argued, is another attempt to protect Biden from his corruption issues. “Now that Biden has been installed as president, they want to keep President Trump off the table as much as they can in terms of being a player so they will impeach him to protect Biden again.”

Amid ongoing investigations into the Biden family’s corruption, “this impeachment is a reflection of the corruption of President Trump’s opponents,” Fitton concluded. “They want to outlaw free speech, they want to outlaw their political opposition effectively, they want to wall off any discussion of election integrity.”

If you’re concerned about the precedent set by the Senate impeachment trial, support Judicial Watch today. As Fitton explained “we’re not going away and we’re not going to be intimidated.We have 105 Freedom of Information Act open record requests out among the several states to investigate the conduct of the election … they can de-platform us – we’re still going to keep on litigating.”


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