“The FBI Never Did Anything Other Than to Impede Investigations into Election Fraud” – Colonel Phil Waldron on the FBI’s Actions During the 2020 Election

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From The Gateway Pundit:

The FBI is now a frightening entity that will harass and frame any American.  If the FBI did its job it would have been all over the truckloads of suspicious activity uncovered in the 2020 election.  Instead the FBI harassed the whistleblowers.

Colonel Phil Waldron (at the 19:45 mark in the video below):

I believe from what I’ve seen and the witnesses that I talked to, that this is a coup that definitely involved elements inside our own country, inside our own federal government – definitely part of a coup that was aided and abetted by a foreign threat nation state, a peer enemy nation state, China.”

Then when asked by Lindell if this could have happened without domestic help or traitors within the US, Waldron responded:

We have the name, email and phone number of a senior DOJ official from a US Attorney that said that this individual was shutting down any DOJ or FBI investigation into any election, any election related investigation and trying to shut down Judicial cases, court cases.

So from inside our own DOJ people were shutting down active investigations.  You wonder why Mr. Barr didn’t find or see any evidence of widespread election fraud, is because the FBI never did anything other than to impede investigations into election fraud.

The FBI went to question truck drivers who delivered ballots and created affidavits.  They started harassing the Americans, patriotic Americans, who were whistleblowers and prosecuting them.”

We reported on the FBI gang’s effort to harass and defame the innocent (real) whistleblower who gave up much to go public and report on the truck load of ballots he moved from New York to Pennsylvania.  These ballots were likely all for Joe Biden and illegal.  But we will never know because the FBI did not investigate the crime, they harassed the whistleblower.

(BTW – Lou Dobbs was exceptional in his interaction with this man who was abused by the FBI.)

“Agent Ford, Whose Pocket Are You In?” Whistleblower to FBI and OIG After Being Harassed for Reporting on Truckload of Illegal Ballots

We claimed in December that our FBI is a joke.  It needs to be fixed now and every one of the crooks within the FBI need to be fired and prosecuted for their misdeeds.

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