Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler, Tries Murdering Police

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Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler, posted this to Twitter in an attempt to encourage rioters to bring guns and shoot police last night. According to Ted Wheeler: “This afternoon I was made aware of concerns within the community that federal agents may be authorized to use live ammunition on demonstrations this evening.”

Mayor Ted Wheeler is literally trying to get cops killed. Wheeler’s inflammatory statement insinuates that President Trump has authorized the use of lethal force against the rioters in Portland, Oregon. If this isn’t sedition, what is?

Why hasn’t President Trump had the mayors and governors who are openly opposing law and order arrested? It’s his responsibility to make sure that the people in office do their jobs. He is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF.

Trump is allowing these traitors to destroy their cities in an effort to harm the President’s re-election campaign. But it seems that people are able to see through the manipulation. Support for Black Lives Matter has dropped and now much less than half of the nation support the Marxist movement to destroy civilization as we know it.

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From The Hill:

” A majority of Americans has an unfavorable view of Black Lives Matter, although opinions on the protest movement cut sharply along racial and partisan lines, according to a new poll.

Overall, 43 percent of voters have a positive view of Black Lives Matter, compared with 57 percent who have a negative view of the movement, the latest Harvard-Harris survey found. “

Just because thousands of people are out in the streets rioitng doesn’t mean you have a large amount of support. After all, there are over 300 million American citizens in this country. A few thousand aren’t even a percentage point.

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It may be time for the President to initiate the Sedition Act and reboot the American government. In fact, if he did it right now, odds are good that many blue states would flip red because of the public’s loss of trust in the Democrat party.


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