Stupid Sh*t California Banned Without Realizing It

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There are a lot of idiots in the state of California. That’s why they vote to outlaw things without reading the laws they support. For example:  Bacon is going to be illegal to import to California without paying hefty sustainability fees because of environmental laws that were passed recently.  That means Bacon is essentially going to be illegal in California unless you’re willing to pay 2x more for it.

But wait, there’s more… California has also just outlawed all small gas powered engines.

That means no more lawn mowers, edgers, leaf blowers, weed whackers, dirt bikes, three and four wheelers, trolling motors, mopeds and even motorized bicycles (unless its an e-bike). California is going to suck even worse than it already does when people can’t get their yards maintained. Nobody will be going fishing or participating in any outdoor sports that involve gasoline in the state of California. It’s almost as if the communists are trying to disrupt everything about American life to keep everyone miserable and subservient.

In other news, California has also outlawed all critical thinking.

From Electrek:

California will ban “small off-road engines” (SORE) primarily used in gas-powered lawn equipment, such as leaf blowers and lawnmowers, in a law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom this weekend.

The bill, AB 1346, directs California’s Air Resources Board to draw up regulations that will go into place by 2024. It bans the sale of new SOREs, but does not seem to ban their operation.

The law will apply not only to gas-powered lawn equipment, but also to generators and emergency response equipment and other assorted categories. The bill does give regulators some leeway with the regulations based on what is found to be “technologically feasible,” so some portions of the regulation may be pushed back beyond 2024.

From ABC7:

“Gov. .Newsom signing (this law) really sets a strong course to not only his commitment to transitioning to zero emissions but also to cleaner air and healthier lungs,” said Will Barrett, director of clean air advocacy for the American Lung Association in California.


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