“SNL” Takes Aim At Q Anon With Witch Trying To Find Children Captured By Globalist Sex Traffickers

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From News Wars:

Saturday Night Live went after the Q Anon movement in a bizarre sketch aimed at discrediting the notion that children are being sex trafficked to the world’s elite.

SNL cast member Kate McKinnon played a witch who becomes a “Q Anon member” to discover the whereabouts of the children trafficked to a global cabal of “very bad people” — so she can eat the children herself.

“QAnon says that there is an underground ring of very bad people. They gather to undermine [former President] Trump and to steal elections and to eat children,” McKinnon’s witch said. “I hear that and I’m like, ‘Woah, where?’”

“Yeah, well it’s a very disturbing theory. So, what do you do with QAnon?” co-host Colin Jost asked the witch.

The witch then explained how she’s actually trying to eat the children herself rather than rescue them from sex trafficking.

“Yes, we try to get to the bottom of things. This underground cabal, what’s the deal? Who’s part of it? How do you get an invite? Is it reservations or is it open table? Are there enough children to go around? Do you eat them on site or do you take them home? Are there dipping sauces?” the witch said.

“Yeah, It sounds like you’re pretty focused on the eating children part of QAnon,” Jost noted.

“Yes, oh it’s terrible. I gotta get down there to stop ‘em. I will grab those children right out of their mouths…and take them to my house. My house is made of candy. It’s in the woods, and then I’ll eat them. I mean, I’ll kill them — how am I doing?” she asked.

“Not great. No. Yeah, I’m getting the feeling that you don’t want to help children,” Jost replied.

The witch then attempted to dismiss the notion that children are being sex trafficked to high-level people.

“I’m starting to get worried it isn’t real,” she said, “the things that keep not happening. I guess I’m starting to feel that maybe the whole thing is cuckoo bananas.”

Of course, the likes of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his madame Ghislaine Maxwell, declassified documents related to “The Finders”, numerous reports of systemic child trafficking in the UK and Germany, and the sickening revelations of the late pedophile Jimmy Savile reveal that child trafficking is a major global problem and that the world’s most powerful people are at the center of it, a fact the establishment wishes the Q Anon phenomenon wouldn’t bring attention to.

Alex Jones exposes the massive international cult of child predators infecting humanity’s elite and powerful.

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