Psaki Claims Illegal Immigrants Not Required To Take “Vaccine”, But Is Anyone Really?

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Act like Hitler, end up like Hitler, Joey.

Just remember, nobody has the right to tell you what you can put into your body.

Forcing you to take a deadly mRNA gene therapy by calling it a “vaccine” is medical rape. United non-compliance is the answer. If you’re a business owner say no to Biden’s unconstitutional edicts.

We are not Nazi Germany and we will not go quietly to the camps they are building for us.

So a better question than whether the Biden regime will “force illegals” to take a shot is whether or not any of us should listen to this tyranical government anymore?

From The National File:

On Thursday, Joe Biden announced that he would be forcing employers with more than 100 employees to require COVID-19 vaccination for all staff. The President stated that getting vaccinated is “not about freedom or personal choice” and that his “patience was wearing thin” regarding those who have opted not to get vaccinated. Following the announcement, Jen Psaki was asked about vaccination requirements for migrants on the southern border by Peter Doocy of Fox News on Friday.

“You’re trying to require anybody with a job or anybody who goes to school to get the COVID-19 vaccine,  but you’re not requiring that of migrants that continue walking across the southern border into the country?” Doocy asked. “Our objective is to get as many people vaccinated across the country as humanly possible,” Psaki replied. She added that higher vaccination rates would make the country “safer” for all Americans. “And so the president’s announcement yesterday was an effort to empower businesses, to give businesses the tools to protect their workforces.”

Doocy then followed up on the question regarding the southern border. “But it’s a requirement for people at a business with more than 100 people but it’s not a requirement for migrants at the southern border?” he followed up. “That’s correct,” Psaki replied before quickly moving on to another reporter.


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