THE MORE YOU KNOW: Most of Google’s Logos Are Satanic Symbols


Did you realize that most of Google’s logos are based off of Satanic symbolism?

Most people know that Google is evil because the company openly holds stake in industries like child labor and, in countries like China, tracking and condemning people to death when they go against their government’s regime. But most of Google’s logos are literally based on satanic imagery and symbols.

How deep does the Satanism go?

Google is an openly Satanic company but they’ll never admit it. They depend on people being stupid enough not to notice.

Let’s expose Google’s satanic imagery together. Make sure you share this.

Google Play Logo Is The Sigil of Satan (AKA Seal of Lucifer)

The symbol is obviously embedded within the Seal or Sigil of Satan. But the colors are also symbolic for the elements in several forms of occult magicks.

Google Chrome Logo Has 666 Inside


In addition to the “Mark of the Beast” clearly at the center of Google Chrome’s logo notice again the color formation is identical to the masonic pentagram.

As you can see so far, it’s no coincidence that these occult symbols are hidden within Google’s logos. On to the next exhibit.

Gmail Logo Based on Masonic Royal Arch Apron

From here forward the symbols listed are not explicity satanic in nature. However, they are masonic symbols and any Mason who has read the book “Morals and Dogma” knows that they believe “Lucifer is the Light”.

“Morals and Dogma” by Albert Pike was formerly the initiates handbook when someone joined the freemasons. Later the organization wanted to guard their secrets more closely so they stopped assigning this book as reading to initiates. “Morals and Dogma” contains the secrets of Scottish Rite freemasonry up to the 32nd Degree. You can download and read this book for free if you are interested.

Google’s Evil Cousin Facebook Has Tubal Cane in Logo

While we’re exposing symbols… Facebook is also using questionable symbolism in it’s logo. However, masonic symbols are not necessarily satanic symbols so we’ll save that for another story.

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